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by | January 11, 2020 | Business Profile

Embrey Partners continue to bring quality living experiences in ’09


For 45 years, Embrey Partners has been developing properties in San Antonio and beyond, and they’re particularly proud of the mixed-use projects they’re currently designing.

Their business, which has resided in ’09 for four decades, approaches building in a three-tiered strategy, handling the development, construction, and management of the properties they choose to take on.

“We set a vision very early on about what we believe is important, then we go out and execute it and bring it full circle, making sure we are selling to the market what we anticipated,” President Trey Embrey said.

Throughout the past two decades, there’s been a huge push for urbanization in the development industry in San Antonio and nationwide. Embrey said it’s due to an entire generation of people who have spent years sitting in their cars commuting. That, combined with a transient job market where people don’t want to be tied down to a mortgage, has turned many potential homeowners into renters by choice. Through mixed-use properties, Embrey Partners is providing the rentable living space as well as walkability to shops, restaurants, and more.

“People want to live closer to work, and when they get home, they don’t want to have to go far to grocery shop or grab dinner or a drink,” said John Kirk, executive vice president of development. “San Antonio is doing a big push to get more housing downtown, making it more 24/7 versus just a tourism destination. We’re also seeing the urbanization in the suburbs, with properties like La Cantera. People like the convenience of everything in close proximity.”

Embrey Partners is currently in the process of developing a new mixed-use property right here in 09, at the corner of Nacogdoches and Broadway, directly across from the Lincoln Heights Shopping Center. There, renters will have the convenience of a central location, as well as the grocery and shops just across the street.


“As a business, we approach building with three wow factors,” Kirk said. “First, as the resident arrives at the project, what are they seeing, and are they impressed with it? Second, how are they greeted when they arrive and how are the amenities. And third, how are they going to feel living in it. How do they like the finishes and the feeling of the property. We want an aesthetic experience.” Embrey agrees.

“What makes us unique in this business is we believe in support through the entire life cycle of the project,” he said.

Having just celebrated its 45th year, Embrey is proud of the company’s ability to withstand several recessions and downturns overtime. The hope is to continue to expand over the next four decades, building even more great projects.

“It’s a big milestone for any business, but particularly for one in a volatile industry like we are,” Embrey said. “We’re super excited about the growth experience.”

Along with projects here in Texas, Embrey Partners is also re-entering the Florida market and is breaking ground in North Carolina, expanding their business to markets in six total states.

And while they think nationally from a business standpoint, Kirk and Embrey love having their business and home life here in ‘09.

“I’ve lived here eight years, and I grew up in a small town, so that really appealed to me about this community,” Kirk said. “We like being a part of the community, and to live, work and play all in this area is important to the Embrey company.


By Christie Cuthbert

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