Staycation Poolside

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Summer is the time of year when we plan our vacations and whisk away to sun basked beaches, all-inclusive resorts, and family theme parks. But this summer brings a different vibe. Most of us are planning our own staycations, trying to find creative ways to marry fun and safety while making unforgettable memories usually reserved for traditional vacations.

Keith Zars Pools’ outdoor spaces are quickly becoming the perfect place for these staycations as our lifestyles eagerly embrace moments of relaxation, family fun, and an escape from the daily changes that are shifting our life patterns. Now is the ideal time to invigorate and maximize your backyard to reflect the idyllic staycation vision that you can enjoy all year round.

If you have experienced a San Antonio summer, you know there is nothing more refreshing on a sultry afternoon than cooling off poolside. We live in the perfect climate for consideration of liquid luxury right outside our back door. Pools afford opportunities for rejuvenation, relaxation, and revitalization. They are an excellent source for exercise, offer hours of family fun and entertainment, or simply provide an escape to commune with nature. Whether you seek some tranquility or need the kids to burn off all that excess energy, having an outdoor space that is inviting and functional is staycation poolside perfection.

Today, pools are a reflection of their owners’ lifestyles, and these customizations are just as exciting as they are beautiful. Enhancing design plans with a custom water feature, spa, sun shelf, fire pit, or an eye-catching mosaic personalizes the project. Even the shape of the pool is a dynamic way to highlight your home’s lines, make the most of a unique or small space, or seamlessly mirror the natural landscape of your backyard. Your designs and ideas for your outdoor space are as limitless as your imagination. And when you have paradise calling you right outside your back door, staycations can have all the appeal, without the price tag, for one amazing time
right at home.

How can you make your summer staycation even more memorable? Perhaps, pick a theme for the space that brings in elements of places you have visited before, unplug from technology for a while, prioritize relaxing, try some new recipes or order in from your favorite restaurants, create a new tradition, and most importantly, have fun!

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