Terrell Heights Residents Say No to Street Lights

More than 120 Terrell Heights residents said no to a recent proposal to add street lights to Bryn Mawr and adjacent streets in their neighborhood.

The area, not far from Austin Highway, was identified by the City of San Antonio as one that was at risk for crime due in part to poor lighting at night.

District 10 City Councilman Marc Whyte proposed adding the street lights, but an overwhelming number of residents told his office they did not want them. The primary reason cited was “light pollution,” which, according to National Geographic Society, includes excessive or poor use of artificial outdoor light, which disrupts the natural patterns of wildlife, contributes to the increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, disrupts human sleep, and obscures the stars in the night sky.

A spokesman for the councilman told 78209 Magazine they would respect the neighborhood’s wishes and withdraw the request for street lights.

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