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Simmons Family


The Simmons Family

A Love for Funky Jazz Keeps the Simmons Family Grooving in Terrell Hills

By Bruce X. Forey  |  Photography by David Teran


For one 78209 family, a match made in heaven started with the online dating site,


“I lived on a ranch at that time, in the middle of nowhere,” Brandon Simmons recalled. “I realized quickly that the perfect gal wasn’t going to walk through the front gate.”


Something unique about Brianna’s profile caught Brandon’s attention.


“I listed my favorite band as The Meters,” Brianna Simmons remembered. “Brandon messaged me and said he loved listening to The Meters on his boat. I kind of did a massive eye roll.”


But there was enough intrigue to agree to meet in person. Music continued to play a part in the courtship. They met at Jazz TX, the live music restaurant/bar at the Pearl. But a concert with a popular 80s band cut their first date shorter than Brandon was perhaps expecting.


“I said, I’m excited to meet you, but a friend just told me she has front-row tickets to see Duran Duran, so I’ll have to leave soon and go to the show,” Brianna remembered. “But he understood and was very agreeable.”


Brianna and Brandon met again for an extended date, and the rest is history. They were married two and a half years later.


Brianna has the pleasure of working at one of the most beautiful surroundings in San Antonio. She’s Vice President of Development for the San Antonio Botanical Garden, which attracts over 400,000 visitors annually. Brianna is responsible for all fundraising, which includes memberships, donor contributions, corporate sponsorships, exhibitions, and more. Since privatizing from the City of San Antonio as a nonprofit 501c3 in 2019, the Garden’s budget has doubled, and member households have grown from 5,400 to over 13,300.


“All contributed revenue goes through my office. I’m proud of the success of our annual gala, along with our first luncheon fundraising event, on April 30, which raised almost $400,000,” Brianna said.


Brianna is also thankful for the welcoming work culture at the Botanical Garden.


“Our President and CEO Katherine Trumble hired me in July 2020, while six months pregnant, knowing I would be out a couple of months after the birth of my child,” Brianna said. “I’m very grateful for their confidence in me to lead the fundraising strategy for our organization.”


Brandon is the co-owner of the recently opened Alamo Anglers, a fly-fishing retail store located in the Boardwalk on Broadway. The store held its soft opening on November 11, 2023, and continues to grow its business steadily. Alamo Anglers focuses on technical equipment and clothing. A former fishing guide, Brandon knows the area waters or has contacts with other guides to help customers catch fish locally and around the world.


“We felt there was an opportunity for a fly shop with expertise on tackle and where to fish,” Brandon said. “We’re beginning a travel program this year where we offer hosted trips. I’m very excited about introducing that service to our customers.”


Brandon has worked in the outdoor industry his entire career. Prior to Alamo Anglers, he helped launch a successful outdoor clothing line that required a lot of travel.


“With a child and being on the road several days a week, I wanted to stay close to home, so I moved forward with opening the store,” Brandon recalled.


The family resides in Terrell Hills, which they love for its friendly neighborhood vibe and short drive to work. The fire department even makes house calls at birthday parties.


Brianna recalled, “As many children do, our son, Wade, loves fire trucks and the Terrell Hills Fire Department stopped by for his two-year old birthday party and let all the kids climb in to experience the truck. It was so great!”


They spend a lot of time outside with Wade who’s now a very active three-year old.


“He’s very coordinated and athletic, and we’re committed to fostering his love of the outdoors,” Brianna said.


Brandon added, “I put a golf club in his hands and let him start whacking plastic balls and learned he really loves playing golf, so we started him with some lessons.”


The next time you’re in Terrell Hills and hear the funky jazz sound of The Meters, there’s a good chance Brianna and Brandon are nearby.







Bruce X. Forey is a professional communicator with an extensive writing background for magazines, digital, broadcast journalism, and corporate communications. Bruce is comfortable interviewing celebrities, executives, or your next-door neighbor. He specializes in finding the unique angle for every story and presenting it in his distinctive writing style. Leveraging his TV news career, he also serves as a freelance emcee or panel moderator for various events. Bruce is also a skilled real estate agent serving 78209 and beyond. He enjoys helping clients find their next dream home, sell their property or find investment opportunities.

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