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Lynn Ziegler, Thad Ziegler
To the many fortunate enough to know long-term 78209 residents Lynn and Thad Ziegler, the phrase “being there for others” clearly says it all. And upon further reflection of their personal history, it becomes even more transparent that this perfectly paired couple have spent the past 42 years sustaining an incredibly happy and busy marriage blessed with children, and now grandchildren, while also successfully overseeing the demanding 122-year-old Thad Ziegler Glass, Ltd. company. They really are quite remarkable in the degree of their altruistic giving and involvement.

Quite simply, by sharing so much of their private time and energies year after year in the support of multiple worthwhile community causes and organizations, all directed toward achieving a greater societal betterment, the Zieglers continue to mirror an appreciated selflessness with their perpetually just “being there for others” — quite often, lots of others — and that’s very, very neat. So much so, in fact, that one just might say, “They’re a real glass act.” Remarkably, the Zieglers have lived, with one brief exception, their entire lives within the ‘09 neighborhood, primarily in and around Terrell Hills. Lynn (nee Motheral) is a Heights grad, while Thad attended MacArthur. As Lynn volunteers, “We didn’t know each other while growing up, but surprisingly, our houses were only a couple of blocks apart.” It took a Chicago concert and a blind date in February of 1972 to bring this destined twosome together, and once introduced, as Thad openly admits, “When I saw this tall, beautiful lady with long brown hair, it really was love at first sight.” Regarding that initial magical meeting, Lynn concurs, stating, “I knew without a doubt this was the guy!” After such an emotional reaction, not so surprisingly three short weeks later the smitten 20-year-olds were engaged. Marriage occurred the following year, and, as both agree, “It’s been a wonderful four-decade success that just keeps getting better.”

When queried why these two make such an ideal couple, a smiling Lynn confesses that she and Thad are “complete opposites.” But for them, that’s what has been so effective in keeping their relationship fresh and viable. With Lynn’s innate creativity coupled with Thad’s down-to-earth practicality, the Zieglers really do enjoy a special compatibility because of their differences, and their marriage thrives on it. So even though the artistic Lynn usually tends to run a dreamy five minutes late, while the always organized, number-crunching Thad gets there early, the resulting balance is flawless. And it shows in all aspects of their blessed lives.

With the many responsibilities of rearing and raising their three productive and well-adjusted grown children – Thad, Will and Barbara – behind them, the Zieglers somehow find themselves even busier than before. For Thad, running the family glass business obviously takes a lot of his time. Working and earning his way up the management ladder within the firm his great-grandfather founded in 1893 resulted in his assuming the helm in 1986 as president of the very successful and respected Thad Ziegler Glass, Ltd. Overseeing 120 employees, including his father and two sons, and seven area locations is a full-time job, and that’s what makes it so incredible when considering all of his other commitments and affiliations.

Within the glass biz he was a past board member of the Flat Glass Marketing Association, Texas Glass Association and the San Antonio Glass Association. His nonindustry memberships and board positions include serving within the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, Olmos Kiwanis Club, Alamo Heights High School “Mulepusher” and “Mule Team” committees and as a platoon leader for the Boy Scouts of America. He is also a member of the San Antonio Fiesta Commission, where he served as president of the executive committee in 1998. Add to these his active membership in the Fiesta-oriented Texas Cavalier Association (he was King Antonio in 1992), and you’ve got one on-the-go guy.

Lynn is no lightweight either. Beyond motherhood, she has worked as a fashion model, fourth- grade teacher, dress designer and insurance sales representative for Thad Ziegler Glass. And as an indispensable volunteer, she has served on the boards of St. David’s Day School, the Cancer Center Council and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Association. Regarding the Komen Association, she and Thad, both cancer survivors, co-chaired the 2004 San Antonio Race for the Cure event that raised more than $1,100,000 for research.
Lynn is also active in the Junior League of San Antonio and the Military-Civilian Club. With her husband, she continues to proudly participate in the Chamber’s Military Affairs Council, having acted as liaisons to 11 different commanding generals over the past 22 years. Currently, she is serving (nonstop) as the president of the Battle of Flowers Association and is also a member of the executive committee of the Fiesta San Antonio Commission. That is a lot of “being there for others.” But as the Zeiglers genuinely admit, “It’s really not a ‘pane,’ we just love it!” Hooray Zieglers!


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