Owen Chiropractic and Ideal Weight Loss

We ‘09ers are generally an active lot. We prefer to work, play and basically live our lucky lives in the “fast lane” because there’s just so much neat stuff to do. But even folks like us are only human, and inevitably, when we physically push things a little too far or over-indulge at the dinner table, our bodies do indeed protest.

Providentially, right here in the neighborhood for the achy and the overweight, are two linked establishments that work effectively (independently and/or in tandem) to help us restore, reset and revitalize ourselves when things get a little out of sync and adjustments are required. Owen Chiropractic and Ideal Weight Loss, both under one welcoming roof at Broadway and Sunset, offer unique state-of-the-art solutions addressing myriad health-related issues. When put into practice, these treatments can, and do, keep us comfortably on our toes and in the pink. Why, upon consideration, you might just say that these two “wedded” endeavors are in the biz of helping us achieve those enviable states of no pain and no gain!

Their individual stories are pretty neat. Dr. Chad Owen, a respected chiropractor from a local family of chiropractors, operates Owen Chiropractic. His wife, Jennifer, who has an extensive background of working within the health industry, oversees Ideal Weight Loss. Together, each is a highly trained specialist providing a service unique to his or her exclusive profession, but they often “double team” to dramatic effect.

Dr. Chad sees patients of all ages who are primarily seeking relief from some sort of physical discomfort. His extensive physiological knowledge garnered over his 15-year chiropractic career, coupled with an impressive array of supporting equipment, can often lead to an almost immediate elimination of what can at times be crippling pain. Generally, he can rapidly diagnose specific causes that require straightforward —and more importantly — noninvasive, hands-on treatments. The results can be amazing, rapid and greatly appreciated. As he relates, “I’ve had patients limp in for their appointments and afterwards, on the way out, no longer show impairment. Seeing such quick and positive responses is really great.”

Jennifer, who spent years as a corporate representative within the medical field, discovered the benefits of a nationally offered group of specially prepared food products marketed under the Ideal Protein label. These well-tested (and tasty) edibles, when consumed in conjunction with more traditional comestibles and supported by various behavioral therapies, can cause unwanted pounds to almost magically disappear over short periods of time. Six years ago, as a young mother of three who was struggling with her own weight, she sought help within the scientific community. Her search led her to Dallas and the Ideal Protein program, which, as she was soon to discover, basically entails re-educating one’s body to live off its own fat reserves. As she recalls, “I kept hearing good things about this plan. When I tried it, I immediately lost 10 pounds and within a couple of weeks, 23 more. I was sold and brought this very effective process back to San Antonio.”

And as a natural adjunct to the benefits of using Ideal Protein foods, Jennifer soon added the patented Lipo Melt system to her company’s repertory. This equally incredible procedure (also noninvasive), by painlessly applying targeted light generated within specific wavelengths, can further eliminate pounds and substantially tighten loose skin. When used in conjunction with the Ideal Protein program, this procedure has helped clients experience extraordinary reductions in weeks, not months, while also enjoying impressive cosmetic improvements.

So how well do these two organizations operate in such close proximity? As both Jennifer and Chad attest, “It’s wonderful how we’re able to support each other’s efforts on behalf of our patients. Often chiropractic problems arise when the afflicted person is overweight. With Ideal Weight Loss sharing office space with the chiropractic clinic, our patients are able to avail themselves of both companies’ offerings. It’s made for a really convenient and effective situation.” And aside from the often stunning results realized, what patrons also appreciate with this dual arrangement is the long-term commitment by the highly trained staff, who, as a team, share a dedication to each participant’s attaining his or her goal. For more technically specific information about Owen Chiropractic and Ideal Weight Loss, Google up each company’s very comprehensive website.

And lastly, for any businessperson to be successful, he or she must believe in their product, and believe me, these two do. For Jennifer, a one-time admitted skeptic of chiropractic, it took an accident-induced back injury and the ensuing unremitting pain that she suffered to change her mind. Chad was a family friend long before becoming Jennifer’s husband. When he became aware of Jennifer’s problem, he offered his professional help. Since the alternative was back surgery, she agreed to see what he could do. And wow! Her discomfort was quickly remediated, making Chad “her hero” while she also developed a new and lasting respect for the chiropractic science. A proposal and marriage soon ensued after that experience.

For Chad, although he deeply loved his new wife and accepted her passion for the Ideal Protein process, he needed some convincing too. While never particularly fat, Chad had been carrying some extra pounds for most of his adult life. Under Jennifer’s care, he signed up for the program and was delighted with his “almost sudden” weight loss. As he admits, “I shed 25 pounds that haven’t come back after all these years. My patients were amazed and kept asking how I did it. I just smiled and pointed them in Jen’s direction.”

Well, ‘09er, are you tired of carrying that extra load, or has that lower backache been slowing you down? If so, you now know where to go and whom to see, and remarkably, it’s all right here in the ZIP. Yep, Owen Chiropractic and Ideal Weight Loss really are in the business of “no pain and no gain!” And who doesn’t want that?

By Ernie Altgelt
Photography by Martin Waddy

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