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_Carol-Morris-Kaye-Furs-390 Year Old Family Owned Business Finds Success in ’09 Since 1985

In regard to the sleek and shiny luxury fur trade, while many ‘09 consumers may be considered traditionalists in their tastes and dress, others seek to swathe themselves in glamorous garb reflecting the latest in fashion trends. Some insist on the classical cuts and colors that have been popular for decades. Many, however, demand newer, brighter treatments that would have been inconceivable a few years ago.

With such diversity – whatever the preference—the neighborhood is truly fortunate to have one of only two upscale factory outlets for the venerable and respected Morris Kaye & Sons Furriers, who for 90 innovative years have been successfully keeping generational quality and craftsmanship fresh, fashionable and, above all, fun.
Located on Basse Road in the Quarry shopping area, this ZIP’s Morris Kaye & Sons is ably operated by Carol Kaye Glaze, the daughter of the company’s namesake and a woman who literally “grew up working with furs.” The firm’s roots go back to the late 1920s, when her grandfather, a Russian émigré, first landed in New York City. It was there that the new arrival initially learned the ancient trade from a cousin. After acquiring industry skills and savvy, the young entrepreneur soon struck out on his own, founding what would eventually become the leading fur designing, manufacturing and marketing business that his family still owns and operates today.
With the only other retail outlet in Dallas (run by Carol’s brother) but extensive manufacturing facilities in New York as well as in Dallas, as Carol attests, “Due to our reputation and quality, we’re able to wholesale our product nationally through many of the finest fashion vendors.” However, it is solely in San Antonio and Dallas where retail customers have access to a physical brick-and-mortar Morris Kaye storefront, and in SA, it’s in 78209.

_Carol-Morris-Kaye-Furs-9So why just these two cities? In 1980, Kaye had the opportunity to buy out a wholesale client’s operation in the Dallas area. This business soon became the first Morris Kaye & Sons direct-to-the-public sales store. Once done, he was impressed and pleased by the local demand for quality fur products and became even more so as his new outlet began drawing buyers from across the state. One of those early and very impressed customers was a San Antonio woman who asked if she could sponsor a private sale in her home for her friends. As Carol recalls, “We loaded up some inventory and headed south. Over two days, we sold more than $200,000 worth of furs. The Alamo City was definitely ready for a Morris Kaye location too.” That was in 1985. One year later, Carol opened her store, and as she happily relates, “The fur’s been flying ever since.”
After a visit to the 78209 Morris Kaye & Sons, it becomes pretty obvious why the boutique is doing so well. Inside, visitors are wowed by rack after rack of stunning and exquisite fur pieces configured in countless shapes, sizes, textures and — especially for the modern market — dazzling colors as well. Artisan designed and constructed stoles, capes, jackets, hats, gloves and more rendered in mink, sable, ermine, fox, cashmere and other soft and silky leathers and wools all beckon to the most discriminating men and women. Traditional and cutting-edge styles suitable for all occasions are interspersed on the racks, giving shoppers lots of choice. And with Carol and her talented staff able to assist with the selection, satisfaction is pretty much a guarantee.

To further ensure that each purchase is perfect, after an item is selected, the piece will be expertly tailored, at no cost, on site. Add to that the substantial savings realized by dealing factory direct, and buying from Morris Kaye becomes even more of a value. And if a customer wants a custom treatment of a particular garment (special skins, colors, cuts, etc.), there isn’t any additional charge either. Wow!


After the sale, Morris Kaye & Sons stands ready to assist with any and all future needs as well. Affordable storage, expert cleaning, restoration, repair and restyling are all available to anyone – whether a former patron or not.

So if you want to look and feel good this or any winter or fall, make sure you’re wearing a Morris Kaye & Sons label. As Carol explains, “Nobody knows or does furs better than a Kaye. It’s a ‘generational’ thing.”

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