Friendly Reminders from the City of Alamo Heights’ Animal Care Services

Rabies Protection


An owner of a dog, cat or ferret must have the animal vaccinated against rabies in a manner that satisfies the requirement of state law. Dogs, cats and ferrets must be vaccinated against rabies prior to four (4) months of age and again twelve (12) months after the first rabies vaccination. Subsequent booster rabies vaccinations must be repeated at one (1) or three (3) year intervals depending upon the vaccine used by the veterinarian.

The licensed veterinarian vaccinating the animal shall furnish the owner a rabies tag made of durable material. A tag issued for a dog, cat and/or ferret must be attached to the collar of the animal and must be worn at all times. Rabies tags are not transferable.

All dogs and cats within the city limits shall be currently immunized against rabies.


Animal Licensing


All dog, cats, and ferrets over the age of four months will need to be licensed yearly by the City of Alamo Heights per the requirements of Chapter 4 section 2 of the Alamo Heights City Ordinances. Licenses can be obtained at Alamo Heights City Hall for a one- time license fee of $20.00 per animal. If the owner has proof of sterilization for the animal at the time of licensing the one-time fee will be reduced to $5.00 per animal. All animals with an implanted microchip can be registered at no charge to the owner.


All animals are required to wear the license tag at all times. If the tag is lost or destroyed a duplicate receipt shall be issued for the current year and a $3.00 charge will be issued for a new tag. No refunds will be given for the death or the relocation of a licensed animal. The licenses are non transferable to other pets.


Leash Laws


It is unlawful for any owner to permit their dog to be outside of the owners premises without being under the control of a leash. The owner of a sexually intact domestic cat (not being spayed or neutered) shall not allow their cat to be outside unsupervised.

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