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The Kendle Family

Kendle Family


The Kendle Family

Extended Family Helps Make Life Special for the Kendle’s in 78209

By Bruce X. Forey  |  Photography by David Teran


Life often happens in threes. And, when it comes together through the kind acts of family, friends, and faith, it’s a wonderful thing. That’s a big part of the evolving story of the Kendle family.


Aaron and Mindy, with their two daughters Dylan (9 years old) and Hazel (4 years old) have been part of the 78209 community since November 2017. Their story starts with a military connection. Aaron was a Navy Seal who served our country through six deployments. While stationed in Virginia Beach, VA, he was introduced to Mindy by mutual military friends and soon married. Tragedy struck during a visit to Texas. Aaron was injured in a serious vehicle accident, which required the lower part of his left arm to be amputated. He was transported to Brooke Army Medical Center for an extensive recovery. Mindy rented a house in Terrell Hills to be close to Aaron while recuperating. During this trying time, the Kendle’s military family was constantly there for support.


It was December with the holidays approaching. Word of their situation spread from Mindy’s friend, Sydney, a military spouse from San Antonio. This is when the Kendle’s experienced caring, Texas hospitality, 78209 style.


“A group of very kind people decorated our house for Christmas with a Christmas tree and outside lights,” Mindy recalled. “They were complete strangers and did it to show us love for what we were going through.”


“Being a military family, we’re used to having a really close-knit group of friends, and it’s natural for service families to offer help at all times,” Aaron said. “We found the same thing in this community, and it was incredible.”


Due to Aaron’s injury, he was medically discharged from the Navy. This life-changing event helped reset their priorities, including where they would call home and raise a family.


“We were driving in the car one day talking about this area and the great people and families we met, and we made a decision to stay here in San Antonio,” Aaron said.


Mindy added, “We were welcomed into so many neighborhood gatherings with people reaching out asking how they could help us. I told Aaron, we cannot leave this place, these people are incredible.”


The couple bought a home in Alamo Heights, and the friendliness they experienced after Aaron’s accident was immediately felt in their new neighborhood.


“There’s a lot of random gatherings on our street. We played pickleball one weekend, and people started texting each other. We ended up meeting a bunch of new neighbors,” Aaron said.


“We hang out a lot on our front porch and have an open white picket fence policy for people to come visit,” said Mindy.


Life in San Antonio brought interesting career changes to the Kendles as entrepreneurs. Aaron owns and is CEO of an oil and gas distribution company called Caltex Energy International. Mindy left a medical devices leadership position to be a stay-at-home mom. After their daughters got a little older, she sought a career with life-balance and flexibility, so she started a confetti company called Bash Boutique. Mindy creates a variety of themed confetti and other colorful products in her home, sometimes with her daughter’s help. The premium confetti adds a special touch to a variety of celebrations and occasions. She also donates confetti to nonprofits, including an organization that supports children undergoing cancer treatment.


Kendle children


“When the young patient finishes treatment, they ring a bell to celebrate the occasion, and we provide the confetti to toss with their family,” Mindy said. “Being able to bring them a little joy makes me feel like God put this business in my lap.”


The Kendles are actively involved with their faith at St. Peter’s Prince of the Apostles Catholic Church. Aaron is a member of the Knights of Columbus. Mindy is involved with Catholic Daughters and serves as an usher for mass.


“I get to know everybody when they walk in. It’s a really great experience,” said Mindy. “Going to church on Sunday is my happy place. I feel like we have a little family there,”


Through church, neighbors, and the military, the Kendle are blessed with an extended family uniquely their own.


Kendle family photo


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