Staying Healthy Has Long-Term Effects

by 78209 Magazine | August 7, 2020 | Good Living

In a time where the couch has become king and staying at home has become the ultimate excuse to give up on our goals, it has been harder than ever for people to find the motivation (understandably so) to work on their own health. That is where Pure Barre and other fitness facilities comes into play. Health is, after all, 3 dimensional…we need it emotionally, physically, and mentally. Everyone is searching for answers right now, and it seems that the best one has been in front of us all along.

We had a client who wandered into our studio and expressed up front that she wouldn’t be able to afford it after the introductory offer. Boutique fitness, after all, seems outrageously overpriced. However, at the end of that same introductory month, she came into the studio with a smile, beaming from ear to ear, and credit card delicately pinched between two fingers. She said “you’ll never believe this, but I actually changed my insurance plan because for the first month in what seems like forever, I did not need any visits to the clinic. The money I’m going to save on my insurance and healthcare is way more than this membership.” With that, she slapped the credit card onto the desk and signed up for 12 more months. You see, what seems “overpriced” to one person actually looks like (or transforms into) an incredible investment to another. If only we were all so aware of the long-term ramifications of what appears to be short term investments!

That is the absolute beauty of finding exercise; but not just any exercise, the style of movement that speaks to you. Staying healthy has never been about a specific gym or diet, but rather it has been about finding the “right thing” that allows you to stay focused on what is needed internally when everything else externally is seemingly out of whack. As we age, our muscle density decreases rapidly and studies have shown that moderate, yet consistent, strength training can easily help slow that process significantly.

Additionally, we all know about how useful exercise is for our mental state, and the health benefits are undeniable. It starts small; make the choice to do something physical daily. Reach out to a local fitness studio and see what their options are. You will not only be investing in yourself, but also in the livelihoods of so many whose goals in life are to help others. When we work on our personal health, the snowball effect takes place and we are able to make tangible impacts on the health of our community at large. Do one thing today that your future self will thank you for.

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