Dining Out With Your Dog

by | July 5, 2018 | Ask Roxie

Okay ‘09ers, doggie bags are definitely to-die-for but do you know what we, your furry friends, would really like besides your restaurant leftovers? How about actually going to the eatery with you? Just think about it. Would you like to be left at home while your best bud noshes in the neighborhood, or would you rather share the experience too?

Of course, you want your singular sidekick at your heel when dining out, and thanks to a number of caring, canine-compassionate food establishments located throughout the neighborhood, you and your best bud won’t always need to be separated when that tasty bistro burger beckons. So, speaking for greater Alamo Heights dogdom regarding the rollback of the “no-Rover at the restaurant” rule, all I can say is “yip, yip, yippee!”

What follows are a few of my Roxie-recommended “dos and don’ts” when deliberating cross-species patronization of a restaurant and, I’ve also compiled a list of some very pooch-friendly chow halls located right within our ZIP that I guarantee are all patently paw-fect.

First and foremost, common sense coupled with consideration are the primary keys to a happy outcome when you and your pup decide to eat out. However, there are a few tips that can also ensure success while at the restaurant. Each situation might vary, but the following are good starting points to ponder and practice.

• After the decision has been made to take Fido to a certain restaurant, be sure in advance that dogs are welcome, and in what parts of the establishment they are allowed. Except for a true “service dog,” you will probably need to sit outside.
• Many folks exercise the animal before arrival to dampen the possible at-restaurant “frisky-factor.”
• An in-route bathroom break for Spot is also (for obvious reasons) highly recommended, too.
• A leash is mandatory! An unrestrained Great Dane can cause a lot of damage if a cat strolls past. Don’t secure the leash to a table or chair leg. If the dog bolts, the furniture might not hold it.
• Bringing your own water bowl is also advised to slake a thirsty terrier during dining, but most restaurants will gladly provide water and usually some type of receptacle as well.
• Don’t forget a snack or chew toy to occupy your dog during your visit.
• Also, know your dog! If it isn’t a social animal or is high-strung and overly active or nervous, please don’t bring it where it might be uncomfortable.
• Lastly, don’t come with too many dogs at one time (remember the “consideration” key). A numerous pack could be a little distracting for the others (humans and dogs) on the premises.

So, for a few of the names of quality ’09 eateries that do welcome dogs (along with their owners, of course) to their outdoor patios, read on:

• Bird Bakery-5912 Broadway
• Broadway 50/50- 5050 Broadway
• Cappy’s – 5011 Broadway
• Crumpets – 3920 Harry Wurzbach
• La Madeleine – 4820 Broadway
• Local Coffee – 5903 Broadway
• Piatti (at the Quarry) – 255 E Basse Rd.
• Starbucks – Multiple locations in ‘09

By Ernie Altgelt

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